07 May 2015

DALGLEISH, R. H - Unidentified

As a starting point for my research, I am using the list of names on the Stockton Soldiers' Memorial. This lists those from Stockton who served in World War One,  not just those who died.

From a list of approx. 150 names, I currently have 27 names who I can't find any service records for. The likely reason for this is that they served in a force other than the A.I.F, such as the B.E.F or Merchant Marines.

I searched for one R. H. DALGLEISH in the NAA RecordsSearch and there is no exact match.There were two worth further investigation:

While Hugh Ross could be explained with a simple transposition error, records seem to indicate connections to Victoria and Western Australia, but not NSW. So while a possible, I've discarded this option for the moment.

Robert Emmanuel is a better candidate, since he is associated with Gosford, NSW. Checking his service records finds no obvious link to Stockton.

My starting point for tracking these names down (after not being able to find them in the NAA Service Records) is a search in Trove. There is often an announcement in the local paper letting the community know when someone is leaving for or returning from the War.

I followed this methodology for Robert Emmanuel DALGLEISH. Again, the few mentions I have of his name don't reference Stockton.

Checking Ancestry and NSW BDM gets his birth details of Milparinka, NSW. A further hint from Ancestry gives us a marriage in Newcastle, NSW to Amy H. WILLIAMS (nee CHAPMAN). So we now have a solid Newcastle link. But again, no references in the newspapers.

A check of Lives of the First World War for other Commonwealth forces, again finds no direct match, and a few possibles. But the lack of details at both ends makes it extremely difficult to narrow it down.

So for the moment, I will be putting this name aside for further investigation at a later date.


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