Unidentified Soldiers In Frame

A frame containing the images of 18 undentified soldiers associated with Stockton.

Send-off and Welcome Home Committee

The community organised numerous events to send off and welcome home service people during WW1.

Stockton Soldiers' Memorial

The memorial lists over 150 men and women associated with Stockton who served in World War One.

Stockton World War One Memorials

Various memorials and honour boards and rolls containing the names of Stockton World War One service people.

23 October 2015

Apologies for Lack of Updates

My apologies to everyone for the recent radio silence. It's a combination of loosing my job of 20 years and starting a new Uni course. My researching time has been cut down to nothing between looking for work and studying. I am still working on the project but at a much slower pace. I will be finished my first round of study in about a month and should be able to resume regular posting then.

In the meantime, you might like to check out this interesting post on the enlistment of the Welsh in Empire forces, including the A.I.F.