28 April 2015

Welcome to Stockton and World War One

This blog will chronicle the work I'm doing on my book about the community of Stockton and World War One.

The book will be in two parts. The first part will look at the impact of the war on the close knit community of Stockton and how the community responded to the massive disruption the war

The second part of the book will be biographies of the nearly 300 men and women who served in a variety of military roles during the war. We are hoping to include photographs of as many men and women as possible. We would welcome any contributions of photographs which you may have of World War One service people. We would not require originals but would be happy to get copies. And we would welcome any personal stories of World War One veterans that family may have of soldiers of either their lives before, during or after the war.


  1. Dear Laren - I wish you all the best with this. I am part of a team at work researching something similar for a bigger region. It's a huge undertaking. 300 was so many from such a small region yes? Do you know what the population of Stockton was at the time?

    1. Alex, yes, lots of work but very interesting so far. What area are you working on? Are you on my list? The population of Stockton in 1911 was 2106. Males were 964, so lets say 1000 by 1914. So nearly a third of the male population.

    2. I work at Moreton Bay Region Library service and we're putting together a list of soldiers from the region (over 700) who served. We're trying to put together a short bio for each one. We've had lots of help from fantastic volunteers. Its a lot of work!